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We are a mental health non-profit organization that aims to destigmatize mental health by showcasing authentic examples of resilience in our everyday lives. This is a mental health focused initiative where we share resources and stories to help people feel less alone in their struggle. We offer free and affordable professional individual therapy through BetterHelp, group counseling through a number of partner organizations, and mental health workshops. Throughout our website and Instagram you can find mental health and suicide prevention education, tips for coping with mental illness, resources to access therapy and relatable stories of resilience.
Disclaimer: we are not mental health professionals. We have compiled resources through personal experience and resources to help raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention.



We started this rally out of the 2019 Resilience Run to raise awareness and funds for suicide prevention. Most of all, we wanted to honor our late teammate, Natalie Puente. Nat embodied resilience while she fought long and hard but eventually lost her life to suicide. Nat would show up to practice saying “I just have to rally” and absolutely smash it for her teammates. We rally for her and for everyone who has ever been impacted by mental illness. This is about changing the narrative from mental illness being a weakness, to it being an opportunity to show great resilience and strength.


Due to Covid-19, we shifted to a virtual platform in 2020 and quickly realized how valuable this community has been through a very challenging period. We share stories from our community highlighting resilience. We share mental health resources. We encourage members of our community to lean on one another, have meaningful conversations, and be a part of real change. We hope to train our pain for a greater purpose and to help others who may be going through similar experiences. 


Resilience Rally has created numerous events for mental health and solidarity. We are committed to sharing resources and stories from diverse communities. We explore a variety of topics from BIPOC mental health, LGBTQ mental health, post-graduate transitions, athlete experiences, body image, and much more. We hope to destigmatize mental health through authentic examples of resilience in our everyday lives. We hope to create wellness in a community of passionate and resilient individuals.

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