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About the resilience rally foundation

Our goal at Resilience Rally is to end the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide and give those suffering the professional support they need. With your help, our non-profit offers professional individual and group counseling for each illness and disorder for any demographic. We will also offer mental health workshops and compensated subscriptions to mental health resources. We currently have an Affordable Therapy Program with BetterHelp to give members of our community access to therapy.
The Resilience Rally Foundation will host a platform where individuals can apply for the therapy they need with a professional that suits their specific needs. We will also provide group counselling on various mental health topics because engaging with a community with similar experiences is an excellent way to heal.
Currently, we offer weekly "Community Calls" that serve as an open mental health check-in for anyone that wants to talk, learn, or share. We will continue these on an informal basis in tandem with the counselling and workshops offered by professionals and other organizations. We also share mental health educational resources and tips for coping with anxiety, depression, OCD, bi-polar disorders, suicidal ideation, and helping loved ones, based on research and personal experience. These resources will expand as we grow our network of professionals.

If you want to learn more about mental health and why individuals die by suicide at a devastating rate click here.



This community was founded in honor of our late teammate and friend, Natalie Puente. Her family has set up a donation page on the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention webpage.

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