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Who we are


As your peers, we have organized mental health resources regarding a variety of topics and communities. We value expert advice and are always open to the needs of our community. We have collected educational information from diverse leaders, activists, community pages, and change-makers.


We recognize that we are not authorities on others’ lived experiences, but this community is made up of people dedicated to assembling information for meaningful change. We’ve compiled a list of resources for anyone struggling with their mental health or those with family or friends in need of support. We included organizations in the list that provide specific resources to the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) and LGBTQ communities.


We’ve collected resources regarding body image and eating disorders. We’ve also assembled a list of tips for finding the right therapist based on experience and research. If you think you might have symptoms of mental illness, you want to talk to a mental health professional about the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing, or are going through a tough period of your life, talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist to get the help you need. We are dedicated to continually updating our resources page to best serve the Resilience Rally family. 

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Resource Centre

We compiled a list of amazing resources to help you learn more about specific aspects of mental health. 

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BetterHelp Affordable Therapy Program

We have partnered with BetterHelp online therapy to provide free and reduced-cost individual therapy. Make a free account to access this service!

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individual & group therapy

Finding a therapist can be a daunting experience and we want to help you through it! Therapy is a very valuable resource no matter who you are. 

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