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We will be holding in-person events in Los Angeles (Marina Del Rey) and Toronto on May 7th but you can run/walk 5k anywhere in the world and share your experience with us on Instagram @resiliencerally.  


Los Angeles Resilience Run:

UCLA Marina Aquatic Center

​​14001 Fiji Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Meet time: 10:30am PST


Toronto Lakeshore Resilience Run:

Toronto Harbourfront Centre

235 Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON M5J 2G8

Meet time: 10:30am EST

The purpose of the Resilience Run is to raise funds and awareness for suicide prevention. The Resilience Run was started in honour of Natalie Puente, a UCLA rower who lost her life to suicide. Our goal is to shift the narrative surrounding suicide and mental illness. We want to end the stigma that having a mental illness makes you weak and show that instead, it takes immense resilience to live with a mental illness. Despite this resilience, suicide is the second leading cause of death for people ages 10-34. 


Our goal at Resilience Rally is to give those suffering from mental illness and suicidal ideation the professional support they need. Proceeds from T-shirt sales and donations will go directly to The Resilience Rally Foundation. With your help, our non-profit will offer professional individual and group counseling for each illness and disorder for any demographic. We will also offer mental health workshops and compensated subscriptions to mental health resources. 

A portion of proceeds will go to Natalie Puente's memorial page for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 


We invite you to run or walk 5k with us in-person or virtually on May 7th to end the stigma. If you would like to host a Resilience Run at your school, for your team, or with work colleagues we can send you T-Shirts in bulk and help you get organized!




Marina Del Rey Resilience Run

14001 Fiji Way, Marina Del Rey

Please meet us at the UCLA Marina Aquatic Center at 10:30am PST. The 5km walk/run will begin and end at the Marina Aquatic Center. It will be a 2.5km out and back along the Marina Del Rey beach path.

There will be food and beverages at the event along with music, speeches, prizes, and more!

T-shirts will be available for purchase at the event.

Parking: Directions and Parking from the Marina Aquatic Center

Parking is available at Fisherman's Wharf and Dock 52. DO NOT park at the boathouse

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Toronto Resilience Run

Harbourfront Centre- 235 Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON

Please meet us on the West side of the Harbourfront Centre in the grassy area called "Canada Square" at 10:30am EST. We will have a table set up with signage! There will be beverages and giveaways.

There will be t-shirts available for purchase!

The 5km walk/run will begin and end at the Harbourfront Centre. We will follow the lakeshore Martin Goodman Trail 2.5km distance heading West towards the Prince's Gates at Exhibition place. We will turn around at Strachan Avenue and head back on the Martin Goodman Trail to the Harbourfront Centre.

Parking and Transit:

There are various parking lots beside the Harboutfront Centre: parking lots

If travelling by TTC, the Harbourfront Centre is a 10 minute walk from Union Subway Station. 

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Virtual Event:

Run or Walk 5km anywhere in the world! Wear your 2022 Resilience Run shirt or Resilience Rally apparel and tag us in any photos or videos on Instagram @resiliencerally!

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What does it mean to end the stigma?

There is a harsh stigma that exists surrounding suicide. Suicide has a long tradition of being thought of as a criminal act. People who attempt suicide or die by suicide might be wrongly labelled as "attention seeking", "cowards", or "selfish". Those who perpetrate these stigmas avoid, shun, distrust, and stereotype those affected by suicide. 


We want to end this hurtful stigma and educate people about suicide. Someone might want to end their life to escape what they feel is an impossible situation, to relieve unbearable thoughts or feelings from mental illness, or to relieve physical pain or incapacity. These individuals are often the most magnetic, bright, selfless, compassionate people you know. It is the pain you do not see that takes their life. Suicide is not selfish, it is devastating. 


Together, we can help those who are struggling by creating a world that is more accepting. Allowing people to be vulnerable with their thoughts and emotions will lead to more conversations about mental health, more mental health care professionals and programs, and a society that is compassionate to pain that they cannot see on the outside.


Show your community that no one is alone and we will face mental illness and suicide together, head on.


You are not alone. You are resilient. Let's end the stigma.

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