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A mental health message from a frontline hero

Valia is an EMT who has experienced and seen mental health challenges first hand. Thank you so much Valia for being a healthcare hero for so many. She will also be coordinating the 2021 Resilience Run in LA while this account will be running it virtually.

Here’s what Valia had to say about mental health on the frontlines:

"When I took on the role of frontline healthcare worker and first responder during the time of COVID, I never realized one of the biggest challenges I faced would be my mental health. We are so much stronger together than we are alone, and leaning on others helped me to overcome the daily struggles I was facing mentally. It taught me that everyone is fighting daily battles we often never see, which is why mental health matters to me. The more we raise awareness and raise hope, the more we can empower each other and find the strength within ourselves to conquer these battles individually and together."

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