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eating disorder recovery

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Hi everyone!! My name is Kamila and I am a beach volleyball athlete and recovery coach. I have suffered from both binge eating disorder and anorexia over the course of my life—and those were the worst times of my life. I almost lost my life to anorexia in 2018, and I can confidently say that pursuing recovery is the best decision I’ve EVER made. :)

For those who are struggling with an ED:

♥️Know that you’re not alone. Many people may be also experiencing something similar.

♥️Life is SO MUCH MORE than food & exercise & what your body looks like.

♥️You 100% deserve help & healing. You are never “not sick enough”, and you are never “too far gone.” You deserve to heal!

♥️Recovery is not easy, but recovery is ALWAYS worth it. There is hope!

The main reason I decided to ask for help was pretty simple: my body was so weak that I almost died. 💔 But I had a series of conversations with people (a couple that I didn’t even know closely) who told me that life was worth living, that people cared about me, and that I should “fight the good fight.” Shortly after that, I sought treatment.

3 things that helped me the most in my recovery:

💫Trusting the process and trusting what my treatment team was telling me to do.

💫Support from family & friends. Every kind message helped SO MUCH!

💫Facing past traumas: by digging deep, I healed more fully.

Today, I’m the owner of @embracing_strength in which I offer services for recovery coaching & resources for athletic communities to break the stigma around eating disorders. I want to use the pain I went through for a greater purpose: to help others who may be going through something similar.♥️

For more resources please follow @kamillionairee @embracing_strength and go to her website at

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