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reclaiming my life

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Hi everybody my name is Tasha, I am currently on the UCLA rowing team. Even with all the amazing things that have occurred in my life, I have struggled with many mental illnesses including, bipolar disorder, BPD, and an eating disorder, for around 7 years. Mental illness does not discriminate !!

I have completely lost motivation for life at many points and been in and out of hospital and treatment, BUT finding the things that bring joy to my life has been the MOST important step in my recovery.

Reclaiming my life has been a bumpy journey and definitely not easy but this advice has helped me and i hope can help others too:

❤️Remember that people want to help you. Reaching out for support can be challenging and scary but it’s such a necessary step in helping yourself. Make that choice and let it empower you !!

❤️ Find the things in life that bring you joy and happiness. Learn to live YOUR life to the fullest.

❤️You are worthy of help and recovery, whatever you are feeling is valid!! and no one else gets to tell you what to feel.

❤️ You don’t need to be “sick enough” to get help, everyone (and i mean EVERYONE) deserves help.

Lean on the people who love and care about you, there are more than you think and their support will help you soooo much to get through it.

And yes, i said through it because there are no shortcuts. Do the hard things that you don’t want to and trust that the other side is SO worth it.

I rejected help so many times and i would do anything to go back and take that step sooner. and i would also do anything to help anyone who wants to, to take that step. 💕

So reach out; you are valid, your feelings are valid, and trust that things will get better with time.

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