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September Mood Boosters

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

I thought it would be a fun idea to round up things that have boosted my mood and other recommendations I’ve received from people in the Resilience Rally community.

I’ve focused on finding activities and small changes in my routine that truly make me feel my best.

Here’s a breakdown of a few of them:

General mood boosters:

1. Participating in something bigger than myself! In September I participated in two massive Cancer initiatives and I have one coming up the first weekend of October. They all involve committing to physical activity (running or walking a certain distance) and donating to a very important cause. Spending part of the weekend to give back, spread awareness, and donate funds, gave me a sense of purpose and I was so happy during and after the events.

2. Everyday I do a very basic online yoga or pilates class and stretch. My favorites are sjanaelise, peloton, and Move with Nicole. It raises my heart rate slightly but more importantly I move my body and focus in on each slow movement. This gets my mind off my worries and onto the physical movements I am doing.

3. I have tried to send more texts and have more conversations telling people how much I truly care about them and the special ways they impact my life. Having meaningful conversations and expressing gratitude has made me appreciate the people in my life even more.

4. Each morning I walk my dog for 30 minutes and I finish my day with a 30 minute walk after dinner. My favorite part is walking through the park, meeting other dogs, and either listening to a podcast or chatting with my neighbours.

5. One of my favourite places to be is next to, in, or on the water. Maybe it comes from many years of rowing, but whether it is a lake, river, or the ocean, I am making more of an effort to spend time in the places that make me happiest.